10+ Advantages Of IPhone Over Android In 2022!

Most people prefer Android phones because of the variety of hardware and software customization options. If you ask someone to recommend a good smartphone for you, they will probably ask you to buy an iPhone via Android. So naturally, the question arises, what are the Advantages Of iPhone Over Android? In today’s content, I am going to explain the 10 benefits of having an iPhone via Android smartphone.

iOS, operating system is not special at first glance, but it is simple and easy. It’s easy to use, smooth and somehow looks more professional than Android. If you go across the internet, you can probably meet a lot of Android fanboys. Those who are making some fantastic statements about iPhone users, or iPhone fans are saying negative things about Android users.

But excluding irrational quarrels, what are the Benefits Of the iPhone Over Android? In a nutshell, the iPhone has a sleek design, is user-friendly, and is very fast in terms of browsing speed. While Apple continues to add features similar to Android to iOS, Android users still have the right to boast a lot over iPhone users. Read the full article to know the Advantages Of an iPhone Over Android. Even after all this, some Android fanboys don’t really understand why people prefer Apple’s operating system, iOS.

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What is the Convenience of iPhone over Android?

We usually use more of the things that we get the most benefit from using. For using electronic devices, we also have chosen the most convenient device. If you ask iPhone users this question, they will probably talk about Apple’s cleaner interface, security, data privacy, and design at the beginning. The iPhone will indicate how easy it is to work out of the box, or not need to take them when customizing a new phone extensively.

Those who use the iPhone once will not want to use another phone later and will not have fun. But Android users think of the Advantages of Android Over iPhone. But iPhone users also like features like iMessage. Or they prefer some native apps like Books or Health that are pre-installed on a new iPhone. Now, let’s take a look at the main advantages of the iPhone compared to the Android.

Advantages Of iPhone Over Android

Talking about the advantages of the iPhone compared to the Android phone, it can’t be over. However, the 10 most essential benefits are described below.

Extreme security

Security is a big advantage of the iPhone compared to the Android phone. The presence of malicious code in each app is checked and released after thorough testing. This verification process means your phone is much more protected against malicious apps. This is because you are not allowed to install apps that could harm your device.

On the other hand, Android devices allow you to install apps from third-party sources. For your device, this can lead to security risks if you are not careful.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay feature provides people with an NFC chip built on their iOS device. Using this makes it easier for retailers to pay for products and services with their iPhones. This allows users to make one-click purchases within apps that have adopted the Apple pay API. And it’s available on the web for iOS 10 or MacOS Sierra or newer running devices.

Devices that enable the use of Apple Pay in iOS apps or the web include iPad Air 2 and newer, iPhone 6 and newer, iPad Pro models, iPad mini 3 and newer, and Macs with Touch ID. Many people do not know about Google Pay and it is still not available in many countries. So iPhone is a simple mobile payment method for you.

More User-Friendly

Although most Android phone manufacturers try their best to make these phones, iPhones remain the easiest phone to use so far. Over the years, the look and feel of iOS haven’t changed. This has been an advantage of the iPhone because it works the same way as in 2008. All you have to do is pick it up, launch it and touch the app you want to open.

Resale value: iPhone keeps its price

iPhone users prefer to use the new iPhone series phones. iPhones retain their quality quite well. So if you want to upgrade, it is easier to resell an iPhone than an Android phone. Although some Android devices keep their quality quite good, the cost of the upgrade is less painful for iPhone users.

Face ID

Here is something that we can immediately recognize by an iPhone, notch. It’s big, it’s heavy, but there’s a reason for its existence. It has the necessary sensors for Face ID. We know that Face ID seemed a bit of a disaster during the epidemic with masks and everything. But as far as face scanning goes, no other Android device does it well.

We just want it to scan your face at more awkward angles because you sometimes have to tilt your head in a weird way just to get an unlock.

iPhones Works Beautifully With Macs

There are various third-party apps from different manufacturers that you can use across your device. On the other hand, the continuity features of Apple products are really nice. A good example of this is the handoff. If you own a Mac, you can start working on a note on your iPhone and transfer it to your Mac to continue working on it. If your iPhone is 1000 miles away or off even you can send or receive messages from your Mac. Android doesn’t get all these benefits.

There’s also AirDrop, which lets you easily transfer videos, photos, and other files from your iPhone to a MacBook via Wi-Fi. Even with iCloud syncing everything, your Mac has access to the photos on your iPhone and any notes or documents you create.

Usually Faster Than Android Phones

iPhone users have experienced much fewer problems and slower use of it. Performance is a field that iOS often loses to Android. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is recently the most strong Apple smartphone and has 6GB of RAM. In the current Android world, these specifications will be considered the best mid-range.

Provides The Best Support

Normally, both iPhone and Android phones work quite well and, for everyday use, are usually not defective. You can search online forums or contact your carrier if you have a problem with your Android phone.

But with the iPhone, you can tap into a huge database of useful help articles on Apple’s website. You can even get help via live chat or you can even save a talent bar at your favorite Apple Store. If you feel these problems, you can take the help of an Apple expert. Google does not yet offer this type of direct relationship with its customers.

Extraordinary Accessibility

iPhones are preferred over Android because of their extraordinary accessibility features. Compared to the head, Apple is the king of accessibility. With its built-in accessibility features, many adaptive and helpful apps are available. Even its ease of use makes it the most preferred smartphone for most people with disabilities.

Voiceover is an accessibility feature to operate for the blind and visually impaired that makes the iPhone and iPad easier. With voiceover, anyone can read the screen of their iPhone or iPad with visual impairment. Contains buttons, links, icons, and other interface elements and can use gestures to navigate and select their options. It also has the feature of dimming the screen light at night for those who love to read things at night.

Family Sharing on iPhone

The Family Sharing feature allows you to share your purchases with other people from iTunes, App Store, and iBook. Even if they have their own separate account. Up to six people you can share this with your family. However, when kids want to shop, you get a warning that you can control what they buy so they can control the bill. It also includes shared photo albums, calendars, and the ability to see where your kids are on the map at any time. Google does not yet offer this simple family sharing on Android devices.

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