How To Get Back The Old Classic WordPress Editor

For newbie WordPress user if you face any problem with new post editor then we have a solution you can do it very easily, Don’t worry you can switch back to your WordPress old post Classic editor by following few simple step.

Here are Two way to Switch back old post editor, Now you can choose one of them.

1. Use Plugin
2. Use one line simple Code

So it your choose which one you best for you. Here I provide both solution by few simple step.

How to Disable Gutenberg and Keep the Classic Editor in WordPress

Number of Way 1:

Step 1. After login your WordPress, go to the Plugins >> Add New


Step 2. Now Select keyword for Searching on the bar and type (“Classic Editor“) it.


Step 3. You can get Classic Editor plugin, Install it.


Step 4. Active the Classic Editor plugin and enjoy your writing.



Number of Way 2:

Step 1. After login your WordPress, go to the Appearance >> Theme Editor.



Step 2. Now go to the Theme Functions (functions.php).



Step 3. Just copy this code:


Step 4. Now Past on the functions.php (location saw in the image bellow) and click on update file bottom.

Now you can check you editor I hope it’s working.

If you face any problem (check Video) after that please comment or contact with us We will always ready for help.

You can also check our channel for helpful video(How To Get Back Your WordPress Old Post Editor)