Best Reasons To Switch From Android To IPhone (Compared)

For the verdict, this is not an android vs iPhone, but your preferences and choices about Best Reasons to Switch from Android to iPhone.

iPhone is always in the trend, more and more people switching to iPhone. Regardless of the various facility of android and the price gap, switching to iPhone seems always passionate.

Apple is like an Old mate who is reliable, trendy to go with and people love it. Despite having prejudices of not being able to work freely on IOS phones, almost everyone would love to have one.

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Reasons to Switch from Android to iPhone

From the 100s of varieties of android, and pick the best one, IOS only has the flagships apple. Single choice option. From the various pros and cons of Switch from Android to the iPhone, let’s discuss it.

The Eco-System: if you ask the people the reason for using the Apple phone, plenty of people are going to say the Ecosystem. To get connect with friends, family, and other devices. With times the reliability with apples different product grows significantly and after a time every one get used to it.

I mean your computer, iPad, iPhone, pods, speaker are connected in a circle, and with one click you can use them life will be easy right.

For example, if you are using your, Mac, to write an email and a swipe phone, you can start in your phone from where you left it.

Security Issues & Absolute Privacy: Data harvesting, data exploitation, surveillance capitalism are unknown in apple. In apple, they talk about absolute privacy. Even Apple doesn’t track or keep your privacy records. Sure you can back up your data with apple if you want to or go back to your good old fashion. It’s not tricky as otherwise to store data or keep records using various means.

Transfer Data: For transferring data from android to iPhone, a separate industry has built. Besides, it’s fairly easy. You will find several apps to do it. Or you can open youtube to search“how to transfer data from android to iPhone” or “how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone” to get a tutorial-based video that will make your work easy. Even searching, android transfer to iPhone will get the same work done.
Easy as pie. switching to IOS will never result in the loss of any old contacts, videos o photos.

Smooth Sailing & Longevity: You will find one thing common in the iPhone user is that they never face problems running apps regardless of games or others. But, some people with high requirements for professional work might find some apps not working(chances are pretty much 1 to 1000).
Apple phone is always smooth in service and it performs well. Top hardware quality and services make many people reliant to use this phone to avoid different trouble.

Support: Apple is always great to support their customer. Frankly speaking, you are just one call, tweets, or email always from their assistance. They will immediately contact you with relative issues you are facing.

Camera & Sound: HDR video recording by Dolby vision, is a great feature in the recent iPhone. Professional quality video recording and enhance sound system makes the iPhone unique from androids. Mic system and audio recording are also improved. Which basically helps to records professional videos without hassle. For newbie YouTubers or people work with podcast or stream iPhone can be a great substitute.

App Store: Switching to iPhone is much simpler than some people’s thoughts. If you are someone who is addict to social media and a hardcore fan of android, you can pretty much get every app on the apple app store of your choice. Apple has almost all third-party applications allowed to install on your phone permitted google.

The Simple IOS: Apple always has a simple IOS and always matching to earlier. This makes things a lot easier for Apple users. There no heaven-shaking change on ios updates it’s always a simple and upgraded version to make things simple for the user.

Benefits that brings an iPhone which commonly seeks by user preference. So, what do you think, switching to iPhone is a good choice or not? Let’s chat in the comment. Do you have your phone preference? If you do. Why?